Wednesday, February 15, 2017

History: Beatles Book Monthly February 1967

The February 1967 issue of the Beatles' official fan magazine appeared at just around the same time as the "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields" single, released Feb. 17 in England and four days earlier in the United States.

The opening editorial details some of the speculation surrounding what was perceived as the group's lack of activity after a period of separate projects, yet they'd obviously recently been very busy on their new single, and were now deeply into recording what would become the Sgt. Pepper album.

The group is also interviewed about plans for the upcoming year. One idea is a TV special tied to the upcoming album, which, at this stage, is Pepper, not Magical Mystery Tour.

The Beatles also discuss their current mode of making records and working in the studio.

There's also a tour of Paul's home in St. John's Wood:

While the letters sections features discussion of Ravi Shankar and the Beatles' 1966 Christmas record.

Meanwhile, in the news briefs there's a precursor to the "Paul is Dead" furor, plus an update on facial hair.

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