Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Monty Lister - broadcaster who did the first radio interview with the Beatles - dead at 92

Former BBC Merseyside Radio announcer Monty Lister, who did the first radio interview with the Beatles back in 1962, has died at age 92.

Via Radio Today:

[Lister is] perhaps best remembered for recording the first broadcast interview with The Beatles for Radio Clatterbridge in 1962 for the programme Sunday Spin, which he also broadcast to Cleaver Hospital in Heswall.

The band, who were playing at Hulme Hall, were about to hit the big time and had just signed Ringo Starr so Monty and assistants Peter Smethurst and Malcolm Threadgill decided to turn up and see if they could get the new Fab Four on tape.

Peter told the station in 2002: “Mr Epstein rang me up and gave me up hill and down dale for not asking his permission. I think it was the right decision by Monty to go ahead irrespective.”

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